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There is something more, much more, to this human experience. You sense it! It's a deep feeling inside that has become a conscious desire. You have an inner knowing, your Divine Self, that is guiding you to question, to seek out answers, to find something to show you the way to open the Door to Everything.

What would your life be like if that door was opened for you?
What if all the answers were revealed?
What if you had the tools to make that amazing breakthrough your Spirit is seeking?
What if you could tap into that Divine part of yourself, all the time?
What would be possible for you, your family, your hopes, dreams and wishes?
What if you could create a magical life?

Congratulations! You have found that Magical Life . . . it is just around the corner for you.

They say - When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Troika Saint Germain has appeared in your life -- right now -- because YOU are ready. Ready to Live the Life of Your Dreams by Awakening to Your Divine Self! Troika will share knowledge, tools and Activations that allow you to move beyond seeking outside guidance, to embracing the innate wisdom which lives inside of you, to awaken your Divine Self.

This four-part webinar, The Divine Master Within™, is presented to allow you an opportunity to raise and integrate your vibration while ascending your Consciousness. By applying the simple tools and techniques taught, you'll achieve more than just a temporary "feel good" experience. You will achieve a lasting true transformation that will continue to expand over time. All sessions include personal Activations.

Divine Master Within™ is a complete multi-level system. Level 2 & 3 will be available by Invitation upon completion of Level 1 (and 2).

The Level 1 Series - Subjects covered include:

Color, Sound, Light & Divine Fires for Healing & Transformation - you will learn the various ways to work with the pure energy of sound, color, light and fires to shift your Consciousness, elevate your Spirit, improve your life, relationships and environment, with simple to use techniques. Several guided experiences will be given plus an Activation.

Entering the Divine Heart Chamber - you will experience the Trinity of God Flame, your own personal Divine Spark of God. Discover and communicate with your Divine Master Within, your True Self. A life-changing Activation will be given so that you may always Live Within Your Sacred Heart.

Communication with the Higher Realms - various methods to connect with Beings of Light will be demonstrated. Spiritual protection and discernment will be taught. Discover your unique abilities to listen to Ascended Masters and Angels. Troika will lead a guided journey to the Ascended Realm to meet your Guides.

3 Q & A Bonus Calls with Troika - you will receive recordings of 3 different Q & A sessions - well over 5 hours of information.

Troika Saint GermainJoin Troika for the deepening you have been seeking!

Listen to the whispers of your Heart and invest in your true transformation with the Divine Master Within™ Webinar.

  Investment in You! Only $449.  Register Here

The Magic Begins Here™The Magic Begins Here™

Enjoy the Journey to your Divine Self!

People are saying . . .

I must tell you that this class was the most elevating experience I have ever had. THANK YOU! At the solar eclipse and 12-12-12 events I had very, very moving experiences but this one was "even more so".
Everything about the exercise that shows how to look into the heart was so wonderful! I especially liked the part where the Trinity Flame bursts into billions of tiny flames that fill the entire universe and I liked the alcove with two chairs so I can sit with my Divine Being, Jesus, St Germain or any others that I may invoke. I am repeating both frequently.
Also, your words and your voice SEND me beyond my own conscious. On more than one occasion I have, like passed out, where I don't know where I am and later wake up with a very deep feeling of peace and joy.
Thanks again. I am so looking forward to the next class. -- Jorge Irizarry Divine Master Within webinar and Retreat participant

Oh my goodness!! What a wonderful and oh so helpful gift! I've already been listening to the Archangel Michael meditation and the Higher Self activation multiple times! and I invoked the violet flame several times today... to unbelievably swift effect! Thank you SO much Troika! I can just imagine the magic and assistance awaiting me.
I also wanted to let you know I appreciated the "101" level where you explained everything on the first call. I had heard bits and pieces before but you put it all together. So much clearer now. Thank you!!!! -- Lucie H. Divine Master Within webinar participant

Your classes to me are always good for my soul. It is nice to hang for awhile with like minded people who are experiencing new things and appreciating them while learning. I find your classes very interesting with the vast and many levels that each of us are in with understanding the processes. Of course you, my Dear, seem to be a friend from the past that feels like wearing a comfortable old shoe if you can understand the meaning of that very poor example. Much Love, Mazie T. MN Divine Master Within webinar participant

Troika, thank you for blessing all your listeners with your teachings. You have a very kind and gentle way with the manner you share your knowledge. You make everyone feel so comfortable around you, even when it's via webinars or email. I plan to participate in as many of your classes as possible. Thank you again for being here to help enlighten the world! -- God Bless, Joanne :-) Divine Master Within webinar participant

Thank you again for another wonderful session. You present in such a user-friendly way, I just love listening to you! This time I had Jim listen also and he took 4 pages of notes! Thank you again for all you do. -- Love, Joyce Divine Master Within webinar participant

Troika Saint Germain’s guidance resulted in the largest spiritual jump I’ve ever had in my life. Since then, my growth has accelerated exponentially, which I “know” is a result of Troika’s teachings. When one is in the presence of Truth and Love one’s vibration rises. I am so grateful for that one email which compelled me to go to Mount Shasta to meet with Troika who took us on experiential and unforgettable journeys. These journeys are still so vivid I am able to re-live them at any moment. Troika is a blessing to anyone who meets her as well as the most humble, human soul you would ever meet. -- Julie Calvey Divine Master Within Retreat participant

What can I say? I don't know how you can change so many lives in such profound ways, but I am thankful that you can. My life has been on an upward spiral since the day I met you. Thank you a million times! -- Dee Sponsler Divine Master Within Retreat participant

YOU have literally changed my being and my life - Bless you Troika! -- Sharon Bennett Divine Master Within Retreat participant

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to receive such a powerful message and, joined with my guides, placing me in the perfect space of all. Yes, I loved the conference and the meditation was outstanding. Thank you so very much beautiful Venus woman Troika! -- Karl Kern Divine Master Within Retreat participant

Thanks, Appreciation, and Gratitude for your most wonderful 12-12-12 experience of "Transformation" AND "Transmutation"! I personally have had a Life Changing Experience unlike any of my other sojourns into expansion of my Spiritual Journey!
In a nutshell, I'm seeing all now thru a different set of eyes. I feel like my Spiritual Main Fame is going thru a major "Re-Booting". I feel Blessed to have these eyes, to see and feel, a perspective of life with much more clarity and vision. I did have some challenges re-entering and assimilating back into a routine, as the viewpoint of the past was in sharp contrast to the newly found awareness gained at Mt.Shasta.
Thank You, for "YOU"! I send "YOU", Love, Light, and Blessings for your continued journey. I feel fortunate to have had this most wonderful experience. -- Be well, James Fogg Divine Master Within Retreat participant

I'm still smiling from my 12-12-12 activation with you in Mt. Shasta. Thank you for all you did to make it such a life-changing experience. Love and blessings, Jennifer Divine Master Within Retreat participant

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am grateful for the Violet Flame exercise. Bless you! -- Milton in South Portland, Maine

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